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Purpose:  The NHVEA Scholarship is offered to dependents of NHVEA members, who are currently completing their senior year of high school and plan on continuing their education by attending a full-time college or a trade school.  Students may apply for this one time scholarship at the end of their senior year of high school.

Eligibility:  The scholarship will be awarded upon proof of successful completion of the first semester of college studies or successful completions of the first unit of a post-secondary trade school.  Students must be of good academic standing and provide evidence that they will continue for a second semester.

Timeline:  This form is due as a letter of intent by May 15th of the student’s senior year. The first semester grades are due January 31st of the freshman college year.  A monetary amount of $500 (subject to change depending on the number of applicants) will be awarded at this time based on the following criteria: 

Scholarship criteria:

  • Successful completion of the respective high school and enrolled in post-secondary studies
    • Copy of high school transcript.
    • Copy of acceptance letter is appropriate.
    • Deadline for submission: 5/15/19
  • Successful completion of the first marking period/unit of study and proof of enrollment for the second semester/unit of training.
  • A minimum of at least 12 credits (or equivalent) for the first semester of college studies.
  • First semester GPA of at least 2.5., verified with an unofficial/official college transcript.
  • Unit schedule or equivalent from a trade school with evidence of a passing score.
  • Deadline of submission: 1/31/20


Contact:  All material should be sent to Carol Wilhelm, North Hunterdon High School, 1445 Route 31 Annandale, NJ  08801,  cwilhelm@nhvweb.net  for review by the scholarship committee.

For more information and the form, click HERE: NHVEA SCHOLARSHIP 2019


  1. It asks for an ID# on the form you want her school’s ID#?

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