Membership Alert – Be Informed


Dear Local Presidents,

We have been informed that there has been a noticeable increase in financial providers attempting to schedule appointments with members by pretending to have a relationship with specific districts.  Members are getting emails with official-looking designs and websites that are fooling them into thinking that these providers are connected to the state pension system, school district, or association.

Please alert all members of the following:

There is only ONE NEA-approved source for supplementing retirement.  It is the NEA Retirement Program, provided through Security Benefit.

There is only ONE NJEA-approved source for income protection/disability insurance.  It is provided by Prudential and represented by Educators Insurance Services.

There is only ONE NEA and NJEA approved source for auto and home insurance.  It is California Casualty.

Please help us avoid those who purposely mislead our members.



Lynne Nelson

Administrative Assistant


27 Minneakoning Road

Flemington, NJ 08807

p. 908-782-2168

f. 908-782-2329



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