NHVEA New Election Procedures 2017-2018


NHVEA Rep. Council Nominations and Elections, 2017-18

Nominations for the office of Rep. Council will open May 15-18, 2017. 

Elections will be held May 23 through May 25.


The appointment of representatives will be allotted as one (1) Association representative for every ten (10) staff, elected by each category of employment (i.e. certified employees, other professionals, paraprofessionals, secretaries, and custodial/maintenance).  The ratio of one to ten will guarantee that representatives will have the interest of their peers and the membership will be informed.

Any member wishing to run for the position of Representative for his/her category should submit his/her name to Kathy Curtiss (North), or Christina Grodkiewicz  (Voorhees) by May 18th.

A member can nominate a  member who is not in their category.

Candidates will submit a concise  biography, which will be distributed to the membership by posting to the designated  bulletin board, (mailroom and custodial office of both schools), website, (NHVEA),  or directly on ballot.

If a volunteer for a particular category is not nominated, the position will remain vacant.  A person may volunteer for the position after the election, but must be approved by the Executive Council.

The Membership Committee reserves the right to reject a nomination for failure to fulfill the obligations of previously elected positions, such as lack of attendance in the previous year as Association Representatives.

A commitment to Rep. Council means a commitment to Rep. Training and attendance at monthly Rep. Council meetings.  Training will be provided by both the NHVEA and the NJEA.


Members shall elect Representatives based upon their category and building through an online voting process.  (Professional staff votes only for professional staff and no other category, etc). This process will be through a secure site to ensure “one man, one vote” so members may act in good faith throughout.  When access to a computer is not possible, the Membership Chair of each building will provide paper ballots or a computer.

Breakdown of Representatives needed  

                                                   North             Voorhees

Professional staff                    14                    9

Other Professional Staff         1                      1  (Guidance, Librarian, CST. Nurse)

Paraprofessional                     2                      1

Secretary                                 1                      1

Custodian                                2                      2         

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